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You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be Today

This is the message I have needed to keep telling myself today. It can get so frustrating to feel like you’re not making progress toward your goals, especially when it feels like circumstances outside of your control are getting in the way. There is so much I want to build, to share my voice, to make a difference in the world. And some days, it just feels like it’s impossible to do it all. Sometimes you even wonder if you’re crazy to have these dreams, feeling the weight of daily obligations holding you back.

But when I remember to “zoom out” on my path, it helps to remember that this is just a small point in time, and that even when we stand still, we are so much further ahead than we were even a year ago. I now know more about who I am, what I value, and what I want to build. It may not be obvious right now, but the blueprint for the path ahead is being laid even as we’re “standing still”, taking care of what needs our attention most right now. And we are still in the middle of our story, with the best yet to come.

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