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The Core of Sunshine experiment

So I've been thinking a lot more about what I want to achieve with this blog. The central overarching mission is to reinforce the notion that each of us is "enough" as we are; we are worthy and deserve to pursue a life that brings us joy; and we all bring enormous value to the world through our unique perspectives, regardless of standard measures of success.

But, truth be told, Core of Sunshine is also an experiment, on several levels. For me, it is an experiment in testing the notion of whether sharing my voice on this topic will resonate with anyone else. I am certainly not an expert in the psychology of worthiness or in blogging, so this is also an experiment in testing whether I can contribute to the conversation by sharing what I'm learning as I learn it. And it is an experiment in documenting my personal trials and experiences in implementing some of the approaches I have been learning for achieving a greater sense of my own inner value while leaning-in to the aspects of life that bring me happiness and away from those that don't.

I don't know what the outcome will be for any of these experiments. But I am committed to using this site as a true communication of my personality, perspectives, and experiences. As a scientist at my core (my background includes a PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology and many years of lab-based cancer research), I am going to try approaching this blog from this angle. I plan to structure some future blog posts in experiment format (with background, methods, results, and discussion), and then update the "results" through time. This might turn out to be dry and boring or might be a unique approach to the topic, we'll see... (it's all an experiment, right?). But this scientific approach comes naturally to me and helps me assess whether what I'm doing is actually working. Because the topic of self-worth is not necessarily something that can be scientifically measured, I will also be exploring what it looks like to make progress in recognizing one's inner value.

From the work I have done so far in releasing external expectations and learning to follow my own path, I truly believe that each of us has a unique voice and skills that can make such a difference in the world for other people. I think many of downplay our sense of our own value as a result of spending so much of our lives trying to meet external or self-imposed achievement goals. I am really excited about this project in exploring how to recognize our inner value, self-worth, and the light and joy we bring to the world. If this project resonates with you, I would love to hear from you!

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